Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is this the end of the IPCC?

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Yet more embarrassing revelations about the scientists at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit who brought us Climategate. The Guardian leads today with news that Phil Jones, at the centre of last year’s leaked emails affair, is once again facing fresh claims that he “hid problems in key temperature data on which some of his work was based.” Emails and documents from the University’s climatic research unit show that measurements used from Chinese weather stations were “seriously flawed” and that related documents “could not be produced.” These measurements were cited in a 1990 report on the effect of cities on global warming, to be then taken up by the IPCC in its 2007 report on climate. The 1990 paper concluded that rising temperatures recorded in China were the result of global climate changes rather than the warming effects of expanded cities. However, when challenged a total of 105 times under the Freedom of Information Act to reveal the location of the Chinese weather stations, the UEA refused 95 of such requests. You don’t have to be a climate-change sceptic, or even the UK’s deputy information commissioner who has drawn attention to the case, to sense that flawed or not, withholding crucial data is fishy behaviour. Read on at presseurop.eu....

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Do you think a worldwide programme of tree planting could help stabilise the climate ?