Monday, November 24, 2008

A bailout plan for writers

The CEOs of the automobile industry are a great inspiration to me.

As is Tao Lin.

Shares in an individual writer's forthcoming novel are one thing however.

I feel writers, all writers, needs a bailout plan too.

Take GUNK, my second novel, for instance.

An extract from my second novel GUNK is due to appear in the next 3am / Offbeat anthology.

But GUNK is in danger.

GUNK runs on alternative fuel sources but might never happen because GUNK has staggering debts and has made poor investment choices in the last two years.

Bail GUNK out with a massive cash injection, and you save one novel.

Bail out writers with a $700 billion dollar plan, and you are saving a system.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Offbeat with Andrew Gallix

Last night I was on French radio with Andrew Gallix of the great 3am magazine.

We talked about the Offbeat Generation.

Then I read an extract from Fever in French, that I'd translated.

Then Andrew read an extract from Tony O'Neill.

It was an excellent night.

To listen, press 1

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Offbeat Generation on France Culture

Tonight, I'm on France Culture with Andrew Gallix from 3am Magazine. We'll be talking about the Offbeat Generation. And I'll be reading an extract from Fever in French.

émission du mercredi 5 novembre 2008
THE OFFBEATS avec Andrew Gallix et Gerry Feehily + Christophe Conte pour sa bio Une Histoire d’Etienne Daho (Flammarion) + un Live d'Arnold Turboust

"Animé par un esprit punk, la génération Offbeat est un mouvement littéraire né en réaction à la commercialisation du monde de l'édition aux Etats Unis et, surtout, en Grande-Bretagne. Gerry Feehily, romancier Offbeat vivant à Paris, et Andrew Gallix, auteur d'une anthologie d'écrivains Offbeat, évoqueront les enjeux de ce nouveau courant. De son côté, Christophe a longtemps écouté Etienne Daho pour nous parler aujourd'hui de sa biographie Une Histoire d'Etienne Daho (Flammarion). Un liove, enfin, avec le retour d'Arnold Turboust." Click ici

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I was in London this weekend.

London is an amazing city with a population of 500 million people who stay indoors all the time.