Friday, March 28, 2008

Brits Abroad

Here's my latest piece in the Guardian, which asks what the French make of crude national stereotyping as practised by Peter Mayle et al.

Brits Abroad

Friday, March 21, 2008

La Petite Anglaise

There's so much expat literature on France at the moment, but does it say anything about that ineffable, perplexing nation? I suspect not. I'm currently writing a piece on this, but in the meantime here's a review I did in Indy of Catherine Sanderson's Petite Anglaise.

Petite Anglaise

Waiting for Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy's first ten months as French prez have been eventful but strangely immobile. Here's a piece I wrote about the man for spiked on-line.

Waiting for Sarko

Homer's Women

I love reading Homer, especially while hanging out on the Greek islands where they have nice stuff like sun, warm sea, nice profiles, god-like sunsets. About the Odyssey, I did this piece in the Guardian Books blog sections, and was relieved that no-one construed this as a crappy Men are from Mars, Women are etc screed. Which of course it's not! Ahem.

Penelope's Progress

First article 2008

Here's the first article I did this year, on American author Nancy Huston for the Independent.

A View from Both Sides