Monday, November 9, 2009

Gunk - 3 extracts

3 extracts from my second novel - Gunk - appeared in 3am magazine this morning.

"This was the season Gix Reverb saw storks for the first time. They were nesting in the ruins of the Roman aqueduct that previously had conveyed the icy waters of the mountains of Anatolia to the colony of Ephesus. Now there were storks there, roosting in the broken columns. Gix came to in a four-star hotel wearing a green Martin Margiela suit when the storks flew by like planes when you’re standing near to an airport, and you see their backs, the way they go down in increments. The storks landed in their huge nests while the sky turned pink.

Present also on the shoot was Virus O’Neill, who had added new metal studs to his face and, according to his agent, had also had his glans pierced. He also planned to have discs inserted into his earlobes in the manner of Amazon tribesmen, his agent pursued. In his press release. Read extracts here...